Powerful technique to change your mind

What is mind ? There are many definitions of mind- scientific and spiritual. If you summarize the findings of both spiritual and scientific,you will get an answer.
Mind is simply “a collection of thoughts”. All the mind control techniques play around correcting your thoughts.As “thought” is the root element of mind, you can change your mind by changing your thoughts.

Here I am revealing a very powerful and effective mind changing technique for you;

1.Take 15 minutes of your day:
Sit in a quiet place early in the morning. Remember do not check your mobile phone or newspapers or anything before you do this short meditation.Witness your thoughts
Simply sit and be a witness to all your thoughts ,which is passing though. Do not get attached to any of your thoughts. Do not try to stop or hold it . Simply let it go.

New Direction
Take one thought. See which part of your body is getting affected by that thought.Remember this – According to your thoughts,your brain will generate the signals to activate your body parts.You simply observe it and imagine ,what will happen if you change your thought in the opposite direction.
Even though it is your imagination, you will be able to observe all the changes in your body according to your thoughts.Positive or negative, give a new direction to that thought.

Practice make it perfect. Repeat this exercise with another thought and continue for 15 minutes. Do it for 14 days . You will be amazed to know that how easily you are able to change the direction of your thoughts. This exercise will help you out to get a better control over your thoughts.

2.Change your thoughts
Testing time is over. Now it is time to apply this thought changing capability to change your real life issues. Identify one existing problem and define the new direction you want to go. Then sit and do the same exercise as explained above. Remember to take one thought per day for real life solutions.

Mind is the best gift given to us . Let us use it wisely!

Powerful technique to change your mind

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