Install this ultimate life-saving GPS


Imagine you are driving your way back to home from office.What will happen , if you take all the diversions you see on the road.You will never reach your home.
This is an analogy of our life goals and our deviation from it . Suppose , if you have a GPS in your car and you have set your destination,then whenever you are out of your correct path, it will prompt you and will show you the correct path.
So today , you will learn how to install this ultimate life saving GPS in you and how to use it to succeed in your life.

Step 1 : Fix your goal

Keep it simple at the beginning. Choose a simple life goal at the beginning. Example – today I will take my lunch exactly at 1 PM . Set similar goals at the beginning to practice.

Step 2 : Install your ultimate life saving GPS

Here is the tricky part.Create a small life image of yourself or your best friend or your parents or spouse . That person should be a significant person in your life – whom you always admire or respect or abide by.
Now close your eyes and imagine that you are installing the GPS image on your right shoulder near to your right ear.

Step 3 : Set destination

Again close your eyes and imagine that you are telling your GPS that “Hey!today my goal is to take lunch exactly at 1 pm . Please remind me to take it on time”. You can imagine that the GPS image listen to it and nodded her/his head.

Step 4 : Listen to your GPS

That’s all!. You will be amazed to hear a voice in your right ear by 12.45 pm that “Hey! listen you have to take the lunch by 1 PM . You have only 15 minutes left” . If you have done step 3 with ultimate conviction , you will definitely hear that sound.

Step 5 : It’s your turn now!

Now it is your call – Accept your GPS reminder and do it. Never disregard it. This step is very important .

Practice simple life goals for one week . Once you get acquaint with this practice , you can try it with higher life goals – like – to quit smoking,higher grades in schools,etc

Let this technique pave a way for a green shoot in your new life !

Install this ultimate life-saving GPS

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