How to be a fluent speaker?


Spontaneous over flow of words!” Fluency can be defined in short! How to become a fluent speaker? Here are some powerful tips to become fluent speaker.

1.Practice in your daily life

Are you a person ,who timid to open up in front of others? You afraid that you may sound foolish or not par with others in the group and others may belittle you? Hey! you are already insulting yourself by degrading your real potential. How many times you have felt that the idea inside my head is far better than the one I heard from others? Still worried to open up you ideas,only because you are worried about your failure.
From now onward,whenever ideas comes in your mind,tell openly to your friends,colleagues or family. This is the best way to practice fluency.To have a fluent speech, your ideas to be spontaneous and you have to allow it flow freely.
So in you daily life do not stop your thoughts and its expression- how foolish it may sound to you or to others. You are learning to speak.

2.Read loudly

Ready loudly the newspaper or story books or books daily,at least for 30 minutes. Once you hear your own voice loudly,your confidence will get an extra boost.

3.Use pauses
Yes ! I mean it . You have to use pauses for becoming an fluent speaker. Fluent speaker doesn’t mean that you have to be like a nonstop train. You have to stop in between, give time for your listeners to understand and digest your ideas.This will also help you to get more Oxygen to your brain.

4.Mirror your best listener

Practice daily 30 minutes in front of the mirror. Maintain eye contact throughout your practice,which will boost your confidence level. Another way is to record your own video and watch it carefully. This will give a true to heart feedback to your performance and which in turn will boost your own fluency level.

5.Be honest
Yes! This is an important factor which will affect your fluency . Whenever you are telling the truth or the things you know thouroughly ,you will never stagger. Be honest to the topic and to yourself,which in turn help you to improve your fluency.

Practice these tips and you will become a superhero speaker in a short span.

How to be a fluent speaker?

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