Puplic Speaking

How To Communicate Better With your body

“I don’t let my mouth say nothing’ my head can’t stand.” Louis Armstrong Since the 1970’s, learning how to communicate better has had a lot to do with understanding body language. Julius Fast wrote a book entitled, Body Language in 1970. He talked about a new science called Kinetics. It opened the way to more […]

9 Highly effective public speaking tips to keep your audience engaged

Public speaking is an art.Like any other art performances,keeping your audience interested in your speech is very important.Here you can find 9 important tips to keep your audience glued to your speech. To impart a lasting impression to the audience, a speaker must find ways to keep the attention glued to his speech. If it […]

5 Simple Tips To Better Public Speaking

If you search in Google for the term “public speaking tips” you get roughly 2.6 million responses. That seems like a lot, but when you have to be the one standing in front of the group there isn’t enough information in the world that could get you over that fear. Believe it or not, most […]

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