Who Am I?

Hey! Don’t get confused with traditional hypothetical question Who Am I ? 

It is my introduction.

Graduated in Engineering and tasted the Corporate nurturing for 8 years. Bade adieu when my inner engineering project touched the first milestone and started own business. Being a serial entrepreneur is the most easiest way to strengthen your cores- mentally, physically and emotionally.

Manaspedia is an amalgamation of my own experiences, extracts from famous personality development authors ,Upanishads and the experiences shared by colleagues ,friends, teachers and my kids. As a personal coach and corporate trainer, realized a fact – People in their purest form are carrying immense potential energies. Be a catalyst to trigger your internal potential – this is the core idea behind Manaspedia. Open for your suggestion to improve .               

Please feel free to email (Kishor)– manaspedia4u@gmail.com

Kishor author pic
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